Ingredient Quantity
Flour (Blue Sports Car/Blue Ferry/Bintang brands) 300g
Water 138g
Instant yeast 3g
Sugar 30g
Milk powder 6g
Baking powder 3g
Shortening 15g
Caramel 1.5g



1/ Sift flour and baking powder on a table and make a well in the centre of the mould.

2/ Dissolve the instant yeast in water.

3/ Add water, sugar, milk powder and shortening and knead into a dough. Divide dough into two parts.

4/ Roll one part of the dough with a rolling pin to get a thin rectangular dough sheet (0.5 cm).

5/ Add caramel to the other part of dough and knead well. Also roll with rolling pin to get a thin dough sheet.

6/ Place the caramel-colored dough sheet on top of the plain dough sheet and make a swiss roll.

7/ Cut into 5 equal parts and place them on a sheet of absorbent paper.

8/ Steam for 15 minutes at high heat.



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