Seberang Flour Mill has been supplying a full range of unbromated bread flour and improvers to the industry for the last seven years. In view of the Malaysian Government ban on the use of potassium bromate in flour with effect from 1st November 2000, we are pleased to inform that the following unbromated flours and improvers are now available :

Blue Bridge Unbromated Wheat Flour

Blue Ruby Unbromated Wheat Flour

Unbromated Bread Improver SS103U

Our new Blue Bridge Unbromated Wheat Flour is equivalent to our existing U.B. Flour.

We can assist you in your transition to unbromated flour.

We can provide you with the technical advices that you need.

Call our hotline 04-398 6789 or general line 04-390 7277

for Ms Tok Siew Hoo, Mr Wong Kah Leong or Mr Boon Kim Meng.


北海麵粉廠已經在七年前供應無溴酸鉀麵粉及改良劑系列. 基於

馬來西亞政府將於十一月一號禁止使用溴酸鉀麵粉. 本公司願此


藍 橋 (無溴酸鉀) 麵粉

藍寶石 (無溴酸鉀) 麵粉

SS102U 改良劑

本公司的藍橋 (無溴酸鉀) 麵粉是相等于目前的 U.B. 麵粉.

我們可以協助你如何轉換去無溴酸鉀麵粉. 提供你專業的意見.

請連絡本公司的技術人員如 Ms Tok Siew Hoo, Mr Wong Kah LeongMr. Boon Kim Meng.

熱線 04-398 6789 或 通線 04-3907277

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